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Saturday, June 19, 2021
How Many Times Should You Cleanse Your Face In A Day With A Face Cleanser?


#SkinTips - The reality of cleansing your face too much is that your skin gets dry because your cleanser is stripping out the natural oils in your face. So, how many times should we cleanse our face in a day? Wash your face maximum 2 times a day! ????

????During the night, use a suitable cleanser to remove dirt, impurities and any traces of makeup then followed by your other skincare routine. It's better to use a cleanser at night as your day ends, not only to remove dirt but also because your skin regenerates when you sleep.

???? Then in the morning, wash your face with lukewarm water ONLY, followed by your other skincare routine (like toner, serum, face oil and moisturizer).

Trust us, that is all your skin needs. Like we said, too much cleansing product on your skin in a day may strip of your natural oils and make it dryer and dehydrated. We DO NOT want that, right? ????

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