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Prime C Plus™ is a powerful hydrolysed marine collagen drink mix for health, beauty and anti-aging. Vit C and Acai Berries are anti-oxidants for better immunity and protection against infection, disease and also anti-aging. Contains natural calcium, amino acids and healthy omega fatty acids for good health, firm glowing skin and healthy joints.

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NATRIÉO TRI-E Tocotrienols by Sime Darby Oils NutritionNATRIÉO contains a natural source of tocotrienols which belong to the Vitamin E family. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that offers multiple health benefits including cholesterol lowering properties, anti-cancer properties, neuroprotective properties for brain, health improvement as well as protecting the liver and aiding in liver cells regeneration.

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Harum Malam is a supplement to enrich the body all the time while being as effective as to rejuvanate and boost inner health. It helps to cure and prevent body odour. It can preven women's internal problems, energize and increase stamina for daily activities. Blended with roses and rich in other herbal extracts such as sireh, fig, raisin, honey, goji, kaffir lime, strawberry, pomegranate, manjakani, pueraria lobata, pueraria mirifica and senna that can cure body odour. Harum Malam is the best products to be taken all women today.

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Reverse the effect of aging. Supplement for health, skin and anti aging for men and women. In general, benefits will become apparent within one or two week of taking the product. The benefits that are most apparent within this time are improved sense of well being, increased energy levels and better sleep patterns. After one or two month, you may notice fat loss, tighter firmer skin, restroration of hair loss and imporve of muscle tone. Other than that it will improve your skin textur and elasticity and most important thing is making you feel and look younger.



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