REHAN Cooking Spice Rendang Rembau Home, Restaurant, Lunch, Instant Food Women, Parents, Family (50g)

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Get your favourite home-cooked-recipe food pastes and spices from REHAN!



Dimensions (L x H x W)9cm x 11cm x 2cm Nett Weight150g

REHAN Rendang Rembau Spices (50g) is the spice that give aroma, colour, flavour and even texture to Malaysian dishes both for tradition authentic taste of home and also for modern dishes.

This Rendang also known as Rendang Hitam. Its Unique aroma, a Century-old heritage recipe with its Unique blend of authentic, freshly herbs and spices bring back your childhood memory and joy to your family. Rendang has stronger notes of aromatic lemon grass flavour. Just add chicken or beef to some water and coconut milk for this delicious dish. The rendang recipe yields buttery, juicy meat smothered in a thick, rich, caramelized, aromatic sauce.

'Scented Spices, Super Delicious!' will produce Aromatic, Authentic Malay Cuisine....
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REHAN product is for anyone who wants to save time cooking or looking for cooking ingredients that are easy to carry; paste and spices by REHAN are easy to carry anywhere and will not take up space. With REHAN paste, cooking is more manageable - just open, spoon, mix and it's ready. Our packaging is also not big and easy to fit in a bag , luggage and etc. 150g and 50g REHAN products don't even take up space.

Certification: Halal & MesTi, Made in Malaysia

Ingredients: Coriander, Fennel Seeds, Cumin, Blackpepper, Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Cardamom.

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How to cook?

#1. Heat the oil and saute all ingredients. Put the REHAN Rendang Spices altogether and mix it well. Add in the chicken or meat and add in coconut milk or evaporated milk.
#2. Let it cook until the chicken/meat tender and the sauce become thicker.
#3. Serve with bread/ pasta/ rice.

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Easy to cook, no muss, no fuss

  • Packed with resealable packaging; open, spoon it, mix it, done!

  • Only need to prepare the raw meat for the cook.

  • Only take 25 minutes of cooking

Minimize wastage & preparation time

  • No need to cut the ingredient, everything is already blended in. 

  • Cut down the time taken to prepare the ingredients.

Good food for the entire family.

  • Home cook meal, taste like restaurant.

  • No food coloring or additives in Rehan product.

  • Serve nostalgic comfort food each time on dinner table.

Dimensions (L x H x W) :
9cm x 11cm x 2cm
Nett Weight:

Certificate of Halal (حلال)

Halal Issued by :
Halal Malaysia
Halal Reference no.:
Jakim(S)/(22.00)/492/2/1 121-02/2019

Certificate of Health

MeSTI reference no.:

Nutrition Facts

Daily Value Calories Used General Nutrition Advice :
The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.
Per Container:
Serving Size :

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Rehan Kitchen

'Scented Spices, Super Delicious!' will produce Aromatic, Authentic Malay Cuisine.

For Busy Professionals with growing children, Caterers, Malaysian Students Abroad, & Travellers who want to effortlessly cook delicious, authentic traditional Malay cuisine fast & perfect every time; REHAN offers fail-proof aromatic cooking pastes and spices making your meals ready to feed yourself, family and even others in 20 minutes or less.

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