Hot Chocolate & Malted Drinks

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Chocolate Drink, 1kg 100%  Bumiputera Product, Made in Malaysia

✓  CHOKEE – a healthy chocolate drink for the entire family.

✓ Suitable for all ages.

✓ Its soft and smooth texture dissolves easily and is rich in chocolaty taste. 

✓ Can be served warm, but also delicious when it’s icy cold.

✓ Certified Halal by JAKIM, GMP and Standards Malaysia.

✓ A serving contains only 125kcal.

✓ A mix of non-dairy creamer, sugar, malt extract (containing barley), cocoa powder, maltodextrin, dairy milk, and permitted vanilla flavouring.

✓ Suitable for the entire family. The drink of choice for any time of the day.



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