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CARDIO Coffee (99.9% - Power in 3 days) | Herb coffee improve blood circulation specially for men and women. “ENERGY COFFEE” specially made for MEN & WOMEN. DRINK CARDIO COFFEE ONCE AND YOU WILL BE EXCITED !!

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Rendang Rembau is also known as Rendang Hitam. It have unique aroma, a century-old heritage recipe with its unique blend of authentic, fresh herbs and spices that brings back your childhood memory and joy to your family. Rendang has stronger aromatic lemongrass flavor. Just add chicken or beef and some water and coconut milk for this delicious dish. Rendang recipe yields buttery, juicy meat smothered in a thick, rich, caramelized, aromatic sauce.

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Masak Lemak Cili Api Paste is a semi-instant food product that is famous in Negeri Sembilan, West Malaysia. If you want some comfort food for the soul and are craving for something spicy, aroma from lemongrass and tumeric, concentrated with coconut milk, then Rehan’s Masak Lemak Cili Api Paste is the best choice for you. Our ready-to-cook paste helps busy working parents with children cook delicious, aromatic and authentic traditional meals in just 15 minutes. Good as a gift to your friends too. 

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air bertapis, serbuk teh, susu sejat, gula, arabic gum, garam

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Red Onion for 1kg   One Large: Ships from and sold by Fresh. Onions contain antioxidants and compounds...
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Chocolate Drink, 1kg 100%  Bumiputera Product, Made in Malaysia

✓  CHOKEE – a healthy chocolate drink for the entire family.

✓ Suitable for all ages.

✓ Its soft and smooth texture dissolves easily and is rich in chocolaty taste. 

✓ Can be served warm, but also delicious when it’s icy cold.

✓ Certified Halal by JAKIM, GMP and Standards Malaysia.

✓ A serving contains only 125kcal.

✓ A mix of non-dairy creamer, sugar, malt extract (containing barley), cocoa powder, maltodextrin, dairy milk, and permitted vanilla flavouring.

✓ Suitable for the entire family. The drink of choice for any time of the day.

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REHAN Asam Pedas Paste (150g) is a Malaysian cuisine from Malacca.

Spicy n Sour Paste or known as Pes Asam Pedas is a famous dish in Malacca, West Malaysia. Its texture, flavour and aromatic smell really triggers one’s appetite. Usually, ‘Asam Pedas’ will be cooked with stingray fish, or it  can also be cooked with chicken or beef. The making of Asam Pedas  is quite complicated and and it needs the right technique to make a good ‘Melaka Asam Pedas’. Thus, Rehan has  come out with Spicy n Sour Paste that is easy to cook but taste delicious.

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Kurma Medjoul 
Kurma Medjoul adalah buah kurma yang paling sukar untuk ditanam dan oleh itu adalah jenis kurma paling mahal, besar dalam saiz, kulit berwarna kuning gelap sampai merah-coklat, tekstur berserabut dan rasa yang sangat manis.Rasa manis yang ada pada buah kurma Medjool seakan rasa karamel. Malah, buah ini sentiasa kelihatan segar walaupun setelah ia kering. Kurma ini dikenali sebagai buah kurma ‘berlian’ kerana sifat istimewanya. Kurma Medjool adalah alternatif yang lebih sihat untuk pencuci mulut dengan kalori tinggi kerana ia kaya dengan mineral penting dengan hanya kira-kira 66 kalori dalam setiap kurma.

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In Thai, it is known as “Kaeng Khiao Wan” (In literal translation: Sweet green curry) and believed that the name actually refers to the colour of the curry and not merely the taste. Indeed, in Thai, sweet green would refer to the “creamy green” or “pale green” colour obtained by adding coconut milk to the green curry paste whose green colour primarily comes from green chillies, and Kaffir lime leaves. This hassle–free product is worth investing and not only saves you time searching for the ingredients, but also the amount of time needed to prep the ingredients for the broth. The menu is not limited, be creative about it!

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REHAN Sambal Hijau (150g) is a Malaysian favourite chilli ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook. Sambal Hijau (sauce) is one of the popular must-have spicy condiment to accompany many rice dishes, poultry, meats and seafood. Usually rustic in appearance, but awesomely flavourful and causes a tug-a-war of heat in your mouth. REHAN’s Green Sambal (sauce) is of no exception. Made from the finest natural ingredients and packed with full flavour. Spruce up your bland food or jazz up your dishes. Simply addictive!!

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Garlic for 500g One Medium: Ships from and sold by Fresh. Grown in United State, Argentina, Mexico,...
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Soto is a traditional Malaysian soup mainly composed of broth, meat, and vegetables. Soto is omnipresent in Malaysia, available in many warungs (small stalls) and open-air eateries on many street corners, to fine dining restaurants and luxurious hotels. Soto, especially soto ayam (chicken soto), is an equivalent of chicken soup. Because it is always served warm with a tender texture, it is considered a Malaysian comfort food.



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